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      From July 6 to 8^ Gmt-china attended the 9th china Friction & Sealing Material Conference....
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        About GMT-China

      Zhuhai GelongBo Metal Technologies.,LTD., an extension of GMT group in China, was founded in May, 2003. We manufacture non-ferrous metal...


      Non-Ferrous Metal Fiber
      We manufacture strip-based non-ferrous metal fibers, such as brass fibers, copper fibers...


      If you want know more about our products, please input the proper information in the form next page, we will contact you in time...

        Contact us

          GMT CHINA
          Name: Howard Hui
          Phone: +86 512 5318 3386
          Fax: +86 512 5318 3398
          Email: howardh@gmt-inc.com

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